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Keep God’s will by choosing the option which you desire

by Joel Radford

We have been looking at how you can know what God’s will is when it isn’t quite obvious. This week I want to suggest that sometimes the best way to know God’s will for you is to consider which option you most desire – another way of putting it would be to do the option […]

What is God’s revealed will for the Christian?

by Joel Radford

Last week we saw that the revealed will of God is what God wants us to do and that the first thing that God wants us to do is believe in Jesus.  But if you have believed, is there anything else that God wants you to do? Once you become a Christian by believing in […]

What is God’s revealed will?

by Joel Radford

In the past, we’ve seen that God’s will can be distinguished into his secret will (by which God controls all things) and God’s revealed will (by which we know what God wants us to do). Now that we have looked at God’s secret will, I want to look at what exactly is God’s revealed will. […]

Can you break God’s secret will?

by Joel Radford

A few weeks ago we began looking at the will of God and that it can be distinguished into God’s secret will (by which he controls everything) and God’s revealed will (what he wants people to do). Last week we saw that knowing about God’s secret will gives us peace of mind because it means […]