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Does your suffering comfort others?

by Podcast

Suffering usually doesn’t feel very beneficial – to us or to those around us. It often like a painful hindrance and of very little value to anyone.   But your suffering can actually be helpful to others.   The Apostle Paul teaches us that if you suffer and are comforted by God, you are especially […]

Does suffering make you long for heaven?

by Podcast

Often we struggle with why God would allow us to suffer. If God is all powerful and all good, surely there would be no suffering, particularly for his children. Thus if we suffer, either God is not all powerful, or not all good. He can’t be both.   But if there is a ‘good’ reason […]

Does suffering drive you to pray?

by Podcast

Does suffering drive you to pray? When we experience pain and suffering, many turn away from God. But the Christian should do the  opposite when in trouble: he should cling closer to God than ever before.   One of the ways that this increased intimacy with God is displayed is by the Christian becoming more […]