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Understanding Christ’s death: Abandonment

by Joel Radford

Over the last two weeks we have seen that Christ’s death involved physical pain and the mental pain of guilt. This week we see that what made this pain worse was that Jesus was abandoned and faced his suffering alone. Firstly, the disciples abandoned Jesus completely. In the Biblical record we see Judas as the […]

Understanding Christ’s death: The pain of bearing sin

by Joel Radford

Last week we considered how Jesus’ death involved physical pain and suffering. But more awful than the pain of physical suffering that Jesus endured was the psychological pain of bearing the guilt for our sin. As Christians we know a little of what it is to feel guilty for our sin. David knew that guilt […]

Understanding Christ’s death: the physical pain and death

by Joel Radford

For several weeks I want to look at what was involved in Jesus’ death. The first fact we learn from Christ’s death is that he physically suffered and physically died. Christians do not affirm that Jesus suffered more physical pain than any human being has ever suffered, for the Bible doesn’t claim this. But we […]

Why don’t people believe God exists?

by Joel Radford

Today’s article marks the end of my series on the proofs of God’s existence. We have seen that there is proof that God exists from logical consideration of creation and from the existence of the Bible. I want to finish the series by answering the question that naturally arises ‘Why don’t people believe God exists’. […]

The Bible proves God exists – Part 3

by Joel Radford

This week I continue looking at how the Bible proves God’s existence. One of the major reasons that the Bible must have been written by God is its truthfulness about life. Firstly, this is seen when we consider that the Bible is not just a magical fable, but a historical book. It claims to report […]