drummoyne baptist church

Who are we?
We are a Reformed Baptist Church in Sydney, Australia.

We were once in rebellion against God but instead of receiving eternal punishment we have inherited eternal life in heaven.  This is possible through our belief in Jesus Christ's crucifixion as the payment for our sin. 

Nevertheless, we are still sinners and so we unite together to encourage each other in our fight against evil and to wait patiently for the return of Jesus.  We also seek to make the good news of Jesus known to people who are not Christians and are always happy to answer any questions you may have about him.

The Statement of Faith, which all Drummoyne Baptist Members agree with, is found here (PDF). The Constitution by which Drummoyne Baptist is governed is found here (PDF).

What to expect at our 10AM Sunday Worship Service
Everyone is welcome at our Sunday Worship Service. 

The service begins at 10AM, finishes around 11AM and is followed by a light morning tea.

At the service we sing praises to God, pray to God and hear from God's word (we provide a copy of the Bible at the door).

On the first Sunday of the month we celebrate the Lord's Supper which is a time where we eat bread and drink grape juice (in lieu of wine) as a reminder of Jesus' body and blood given for us.  Visitors are also encouraged to take part in this celebration if they are Christians.

What to expect at our 5:30PM Sunday Prayer Service
Once again, everyone is welcome at our Sunday Prayer Service.

The service begins at 5:30PM and finishes around 6:15PM. 

At the service someone leads the congregation in prayer for the world, Australia and Drummoyne Baptist. We also have a short devotion on a prayer from the Bible. (No one who attends is obliged to pray aloud.)

(02) 9181 3317. Corner of Tranmere St and Bowman St Drummoyne.
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