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Is there a contradiction between the wills of God?

by Joel Radford

Last week we saw a distinction in the will of God, he has a hidden will and a secret will. God’s hidden will controls all things while God’s revealed will is what he wants you to do. But if this distinction is true, isn’t it a contradiction? If God is in control of all things […]

What is God’s will?

by Joel Radford

God’s will is something we often speak about and read about in his word, but what exactly is it? This is the question I want to answer over the weeks ahead. Firstly it is important to distinguish that God has two wills: (i) his secret will; and (ii) his revealed will. God’s secret will is […]

Sin results in curses

by Joel Radford

This week is my last article on the results of sin. To conclude the series, I want to look at how sin results in the curses that we experience in this life. The Bible plainly tells us that because of sin painful curses fall upon man as he lives in the world: ‘However, if you […]

Sin results in further sin

by Joel Radford

After a short break, we now return to our series on sin, particularly the results of sin. This week I want to look at how sin results in more sin. When we sin, part of God’s punishment is to give us over to more and more sin. This is very clearly stated by Paul: ‘They […]