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What is the origin of sin in man?

by Joel Radford

For the last two weeks we have been looking at the origin of sin. We have seen that sin did not originate with God and that the first sin was in the angelic world. But when did sin begin to occur in man? The Bible tells us that the origin of sin began with Adam […]

Is sin’s origin only with man?

by Joel Radford

In the last bulletin article I began discussing the origin of sin.  We saw that the Bible clearly exonerates God from being the author of sin. But does that mean that sin originated only with man? No the Bible teaches us that we must go back before the sin of Adam and Eve to find […]

Is God the origin of sin?

by Joel Radford

To begin the new year, I want to spend a number of weeks looking at the doctrine of sin. Sin may not be a ‘politically correct’ subject in our culture, but as Christians we are called to be ‘Biblically correct’ and the Bible has quite a lot to say about sin. This week we’ll start […]