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Why is baptism important?

by Joel Radford

Today we will celebrate the baptism of two believers. But why is it important that these two young ladies should be baptised? Firstly, one of the reasons why it is important for Christians to be baptised is because Jesus commands it. Just before Jesus goes back to heaven after being raised from the dead he […]

What is the invisible church?

by Joel Radford

How would you answer the question, what is a church? The Greek word for ‘church’ in the Bible can refer to any gathering of people. So you could call a crowd at a football match a ‘church’ (and for some people sport is indeed their religious ‘church’).  But when the word ‘church’ is used in […]

Why do I lack assurance?

by Joel Radford

Last week we looked at why Christians have assurance that we are going to heaven when we die. This week I want to look at why we sometimes lack assurance – we do not feel that we are actually saved. Firstly, we can experience a loss of assurance through falling into some special sin which […]

What is assurance?

by Joel Radford

This week I want to look at the doctrine of assurance. Christian assurance is primarily the understanding that you are definitely going to heaven instead of hell. Christian assurance is actually very similar to any other assurance in that it is based upon evidence. For example, the bank assures you that they have your money […]