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What is the purpose of church?

by Joel Radford

Now that we have examined what is the invisible and visible church, I want to look at the purposes of church (both invisible and visible). Firstly, the church has a responsibility to praise God. Ultimately everything we do must be a part of this purpose, after all God made us Christians for this very reason: […]

What is a ‘visible’ church?

by Joel Radford

Two weeks ago I explained that the ‘invisible’ church is all believers in Jesus Christ. For the next few weeks I want to look at what are ‘visible’ churches. ‘Visible’ churches, in contrast to ‘invisible’ churches, are all local churches where we can see visibly who are members and who are not members. Thus, Drummoyne […]

What is Reformation day?

by Joel Radford

If people celebrate anything on 31st October it is Halloween. But some Christians remember 31st October as Reformation day. Why? What is Reformation day? Reformation day marks the official beginning of the Protestant Reformation when a monk, Martin Luther, nailed 95 theses (topics for discussion) on a church door on 31st October 1517. What was […]