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Do good works because you want to prove you’re saved

by Joel Radford

Last week I began a series on why Christians should do good works – the question that naturally arises once you understand that Christ has done all the work for our salvation. Last week we saw that you should do good works because you have died to sin. This week I want to show that […]

Do good works because you died to sin

by Joel Radford

Last week we saw that a Christian becomes progressively more and more sanctified (holy) before God. But the question can then be raised, why do we need to do good works? If Christ has already earned our salvation and all we have to do is repent and believe, then why should we have to do […]

What is sanctification?

by Joel Radford

Over the past weeks we have discussed two acts of God that occur at our conversion: justification (being made legally right) and adoption (being made God’s children). This week we look at another act: sanctification. Sanctification is being made holy and to be made holy is to be made sinless. Now when we become Christians […]

What is adoption?

by Joel Radford

We have been looking at how believers in Jesus are described in the Bible. Last week we saw we are ‘justified’ before God. Another way that we will look at today is ‘adoption’: ‘he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ’ (Ephesians 1:5). But what does it mean to be adopted […]

Justification: forgiveness and righteousness

by Joel Radford

Last week we saw that one of things that happens when we are converted is that we are justified before God – we are legally right before him. But the question is then raised how can God say that we are right before him when it is clear that our sin makes us wrong before […]