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Why don’t people believe God exists?

by Joel Radford

Today’s article marks the end of my series on the proofs of God’s existence. We have seen that there is proof that God exists from logical consideration of creation and from the existence of the Bible. I want to finish the series by answering the question that naturally arises ‘Why don’t people believe God exists’. […]

The Bible proves God exists – Part 3

by Joel Radford

This week I continue looking at how the Bible proves God’s existence. One of the major reasons that the Bible must have been written by God is its truthfulness about life. Firstly, this is seen when we consider that the Bible is not just a magical fable, but a historical book. It claims to report […]

The Bible proves God exists – Part 2

by Joel Radford

Last week I claimed that God must exist because the Bible is clearly supernatural. I claimed the Bible is supernatural because of its internal consistency – it is unified despite being written by different authors at different times. This week we look at a second reason the Bible is clearly supernatural: it contains many prophecies […]

The Bible proves God exists – Part 1

by Joel Radford

Over the last two weeks we’ve looked at the proofs that God exists using reason alone. Another one of the big proofs that God exists is the presence of the Bible. If you carefully examine the Bible you soon begin to discover that it is a supernatural work. Therefore God exists because otherwise the Bible […]

Does God exist? The cosmological, teleological and ontological arguments.

by Joel Radford

This week we continue examining reasons why it is reasonable to believe that God exists. Last week we looked at the moral argument. This week we will look at the three other reasons traditionally given that help prove God’s existence. The cosmological argument notices that everything in the universe has a cause – nothing occurs […]

Does God exist? The moral argument.

by Joel Radford

Does God exist? Generally people have answered ‘Yes’, but we are now in an age after Darwin provided his theory of evolution and the question of God’s existence is probably answered ‘No’ more frequently today than at any other point in history. In the bulletin over the coming weeks I will be explaining several of […]