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How is Jesus a king?

by Joel Radford

For the last two articles we have looked at the priestly and prophetic offices of Christ. Today we look a little at the last major office of Christ which is his kingship. Firstly, we must understand that Jesus’ kingdom is not an earthly kingdom in this world. Jesus resisted his fellow Jews when they tried […]

How is Jesus a prophet?

by Joel Radford

Last time I wrote an article for the Bulletin, I began a series looking at the offices of Jesus, starting with his priesthood. This week I want to look at the office of prophet. Firstly, Jesus was a prophet because he brings a message from God.  Prophets in the Old Testament were often the chosen […]

How is Jesus a priest?

by Joel Radford

As we come to the Christmas season it is good for us to reflect on who Jesus is. One of the good ways to do this is to look at the offices that Jesus holds. I want to start by looking at the office of high priest. Firstly, Jesus as high priest atones for our […]