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The humanity of Christ: Necessary for a substitute sacrifice

by Joel Radford

Last week we saw that it was necessary for Jesus to be human in order that we could have the human obedience credited to our account that God required from man. This week we look at how Jesus needed to be human so that a human sacrifice could pay for all the sin we had […]

The humanity of Christ: Necessary for representative obedience

by Joel Radford

In the bulletin articles I’m now going to start looking at Jesus’ humanity. Sometimes people put such a focus on Jesus’ divine nature that they start to minimise his human nature. Some people in the early church actually claimed that Jesus only appeared to be a man (this heresy is known as Docetism). John the […]

Understanding Christ’s death: Bearing the wrath of God

by Joel Radford

Over the last three weeks we have seen how Christ’s death involved physical pain, the pain of guilt and the pain of abandonment. Today I want to look at how Jesus’ death took on the intense wrath of God. Many have objected to the doctrine that God is wrathful, particularly that it was poured out […]