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God’s existence despite suffering

by Joel Radford

For the past few weeks I’ve been looking at proofs of God’s existence. I was planning on examining further evidence that the Bible is clearly the word of God this week. But in light of the bushfires that have ravaged Victoria, I thought it worthwhile to look at suffering and God’s existence. Often non-Christians will […]

The Bible proves God exists – Part 2

by Joel Radford

Last week I claimed that God must exist because the Bible is clearly supernatural. I claimed the Bible is supernatural because of its internal consistency – it is unified despite being written by different authors at different times. This week we look at a second reason the Bible is clearly supernatural: it contains many prophecies […]

The Bible proves God exists – Part 1

by Joel Radford

Over the last two weeks we’ve looked at the proofs that God exists using reason alone. Another one of the big proofs that God exists is the presence of the Bible. If you carefully examine the Bible you soon begin to discover that it is a supernatural work. Therefore God exists because otherwise the Bible […]