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Does God exist? The cosmological, teleological and ontological arguments.

by Joel Radford

This week we continue examining reasons why it is reasonable to believe that God exists. Last week we looked at the moral argument. This week we will look at the three other reasons traditionally given that help prove God’s existence. The cosmological argument notices that everything in the universe has a cause – nothing occurs […]

Does God exist? The moral argument.

by Joel Radford

Does God exist? Generally people have answered ‘Yes’, but we are now in an age after Darwin provided his theory of evolution and the question of God’s existence is probably answered ‘No’ more frequently today than at any other point in history. In the bulletin over the coming weeks I will be explaining several of […]

The centrality of the gospel.

by Joel Radford

A correct understanding of the gospel is central to Christianity. The good news that Jesus Christ died for sinners who repent and believe means we are not justified by anything we do but purely by what Jesus has done for us at the cross. As humans we are always tempted to think that there is […]