Jesus’ death

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Why did Jesus come? To give his life as a ransom

by Podcast

Each Christmas, many people in our society consider once again what it means that the Son of God came in human flesh and lived among us.   And rightly so. We can never consider this profound truth too much. The one who created this world came and lived as a human on it, even living […]

Did Jesus die by crucifixion? Yes

by Joel Radford

Many people accept that the man Jesus died by crucifixion. But not everyone does. Some believe that Jesus never existed. So it makes sense that they also believe that Jesus didn’t die. How can someone die if they didn’t exist? Others believed Jesus lived, but didn’t die by crucifixion. One of the most famous teachers […]

Is the resurrection of Jesus optional?

by Joel Radford

Some people (including those who call themselves Christian ministers) suggest that you can be a Christian and not believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus. But is that possible? Not according to the Bible. The apostle Paul deals with this very matter in his letter to the church in Corinth. Some people in that church […]

Did Christ really die? Or did he just swoon?

by Joel Radford

On Good Friday we remember the death of Christ and on Easter Sunday we remember his resurrection. But did Christ really die and come back to life three days later? Over the centuries many people have sought to deny the death and resurrection of Christ. One theory is that Christ didn’t actually die on the […]

Many witnesses testified about Jesus’ death

by Joel Radford

Good Friday is about the death of Jesus Christ. But how do you know that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ took place? That Jesus really died? Firstly four different eyewitness accounts are given of Jesus’ death in the Bible. Matthew and John were two of Jesus’ disciples and both wrote books of the Bible named […]

What is Good Friday all about?

by Joel Radford

On Good Friday, some people will question what Easter is all about. They may think that Easter involves chocolate in the form of an egg or rabbit. But Easter revolves around the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Good Friday is dedicated to remembering his death, and Easter Sunday his resurrection. But why is Jesus’ […]