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Charged with a message

by Joel Radford

I was driving recently and saw a child accidently kick a ball over a school fence. The ball bounced onto the busy road which ran alongside the school, and rolled further and further down the road. The look on the child’s face indicated that he was contemplating on whether he ought  to run out of […]

What is the Gospel?

by Joel Radford

It is without doubt that the Gospel, which means good news, is the most important and crucial message that a person can hear. After all, at the start of Mark, Jesus proclaims “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” (Mk.1:14). Yet what precisely is this “good news” that Jesus […]

The centrality of the gospel.

by Joel Radford

A correct understanding of the gospel is central to Christianity. The good news that Jesus Christ died for sinners who repent and believe means we are not justified by anything we do but purely by what Jesus has done for us at the cross. As humans we are always tempted to think that there is […]