Who is part of the leadership team at Drummoyne Baptist?
Drummoyne Baptist leadership team consists of four elders.

Three elders are lay-elders. One elder is employed fulltime and is the elder for preaching.

We also have two deacons who handle administrative issues.


Joel Radford

Preaching Elder

Joel Radford has served as the preaching elder of Drummoyne Baptist since 2009.

Joel holds a Master of Divinity from the Australian College of Theology which he earned through studying at the Sydney Missionary Bible College and the Presbyterian Theological Centre. Before entering fulltime pastoral ministry Joel worked as a podiatrist and earned a PhD by doing medical research on heel pain.

Joel and his wife Jill live in Drummoyne and have two young children, Joshua and Philippa.

Lord willing, they plan to be at Drummoyne Baptist for a very long time.

Ray Oweis


Danny Jankovics


Joshua Parker