This week I want to begin a new series on answers to common objections to Christianity. One of the common objections to Christianity from non-Christians is that they believe in science, not Christianity.

A first problem with believing in science instead of Christianity is that it assumes that science is always right. Scientists draw their conclusions through making theories and finding evidence to support their theories. But at any given time, the evidence may change (particularly when technology advances). Thus earlier theories are regarded as false and superseded by new theories. As a result, old science textbooks are quickly discarded for the latest ‘up-to-date’ textbooks.

A second problem with believing in science instead of Christianity is that non-Christians usually presuppose that science is neutral. But scientists have their own biases. Through the history of science many scientists have falsified evidence in an attempt to prove their theory. This may be due to a proud craving for fame or for material wealth. Thus most scientific journals will require authors to declare vested interests that they may have in the publication of their research. For example, if research from a pharmaceutical company about one of their drugs shows it is effective, we are more suspicious than research funded by a university with less chance of profit. So we must remember scientists are not free from sin and you should never simply accept what they say without seeking verification.
A third problem with believing in science instead of Christianity is that it wrongly puts science against Christianity. Christianity is built upon the resurrection of Jesus Christ and it is actually science that helps us to conclude that the resurrection really did take place. The gospels of Jesus Christ (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) claim to be historical documents and science can verify their historical claims. Science is used to accurately date the copies that we have of the gospels. Scientific method is used to evaluate the differences between the copies of the gospels. Science is used to gather and evaluate archaeological evidence to verify the gospels. Science is used to look at other writings (including from hostile non-Christian sources) that verify the truthfulness of the gospels. Thus true science is not an enemy of Christianity, but a friend.

Do you believe science supports Christianity and doesn’t oppose it?

Joel Radford.